Why I'm channeling Stephen King

Why I'm channeling Stephen King

People ask me why I'm channeling Stephen King and the answer is that I'm seeking for the creepy and bone chilling inspiration.

Like Stephen King,  I too get inspired by the great isolation in Maine and I'm heading up to northern Maine to sequester myself in a small cabin so that I might imagine something very dark and terrifying.

I'll spend five days in eerie isolation as I let my mind wander down dark alleys to see what evil lurks there. You see I'm adapting "The Cutting" by Portland Maine writer James Hayman for a film and I'd like to arrive at a workable outline from which my writing partner and I can flesh out a script based on this horror crime story.

So as I head north to the dark , cold woods in northern Maine I'm channeling Stephen King to let the horror imagination come out…and onto the page...

What's your favorite creepy, chilling thriller? Share with us in your comments...


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